Creating Affiliate Websites That Google Loves

An affiliate website is basically a website that promotes a product or service from another website, in order to receive a commission for every sale made (or sometimes action taken, such as a click or email signup).

Usually a comprehensive and detailed review of the service is done on the affiliate website and a special hyperlink, directing visitors to the primary website, is provided.

Affiliate websites incorporate the principles and practices associated with affiliate marketing. This kind of marketing is usually performance based and the primary business compensates the affiliate for the traffic and visitors directed to them via the affiliate website.

The goal of an affiliate website is to drive sales, or at least traffic, to another website which rewards you with a commission.

The goal of an affiliate website is to drive sales, or at least traffic, to another website which rewards you with a commission.

It is also aptly referred to as referral marketing and AdSense can be applied in order to monetize the website. AdSense is a popular platform for integrating banner advertisements on an affiliate website as the advertisements content is related to the website and they tend to be less intrusive.

Google is a juggernaut in the internet circles and affiliate website developers strive to ensure that their websites feature on the first page of the organic search results via the Google search engine.

One of the key elements that ensure that a website has high visibility is the keyword, and its placement. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of an affiliate website is of paramount importance in ensuring that an affiliate website shows high up the Google rankings.

The Google search engine tends to have a preference for websites that are relevant and inherently useful. Google has a ranking system that is integral and will consequently rank an affiliate website depending on the value or usefulness it will give the users.

How to Create Affiliate Websites that Google Loves

Build a website that Google loves and everything else will fall into place.

Build a website that Google loves and everything else will fall into place.

When considering how to create an affiliate website that Google loves, there are a number of points that one should put in perspective. In this regard, the affiliate website should be constructed by web developers and programmers in such a way that it meets the basic terms, conditions and requirements that Google stipulates. These basic requirements are spelt out in AdSense, a proprietary advertising program that Google uses.

Establish and Build Links

Linking to and from relevant websites is crucial to high Google rankings.

Linking to and from relevant websites is crucial to high Google rankings.

In order to create an affiliate website that appeals to Google, ensure that it looks natural by assimilating good and practical linking policies.

You should also link with other people, informative websites and government websites.

It is important to maintain the practice regularly and ensure that the links are relevant, make sense and more importantly, are beneficial to the consumer.

Avoid creating complications with unwanted anomalies associated with undesirable linking practices.

Be Relevant and Noteworthy

Create affiliate websites in such a way that they appear to be an authority in the niche to search engines and people going through the website. Ensure that the website gets exposure by being mentioned in social platforms with high traffic and visibility.

Avoid making the website to appear like it’s only purpose is to provide affiliate links and ensure that it looks like a legitimate and legal business venture.

Stick To the Point

It is imperative that the affiliate website has relevant information that visitors are looking for as they browse the internet and then incorporate relevant links. Avoid the opposite practice whereby misguided website developers create links and add content later.

A good affiliate website should solve problems for the visitor and assist them.

Up-to-date, Fresh and Structured Data

Structuring your on site content and data helps Google understand better what your site is about.

Structuring your on site content and data helps Google understand better what your site is about.

Google has an innovative system that tends to give priority and preference to fresh, new and up to date web pages. In this regard it is important to use standard practice elements like XML sitemaps in order to ensure that Google is aware of the date and timestamp when the content on the affiliate website page was updated and published.

Ensure that the content in key important web pages is up to date.

In order for the Google search engine to comprehend the affiliate website, incorporate microtags, XML and rich snippets in SERP. Take advantage of review and author markups in keeping with Google’s basic requirements for websites.

Build and Maintain a Solid Subscriber and Community Base

Building subscribers and followers on social networks, and email subscribers, is a great way to generate more traffic.

Building subscribers and followers on social networks, and email subscribers, is a great way to generate more traffic.

It is important, when creating Google friendly affiliate websites, to build a source of constant web traffic that is independent of the Google search engine.

This can be achieved by engaging in various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among many others.

An active internet presence relevant to the affiliate websites content can be established. Building an email list can also aid in building a solid community base.

Build and maintain a customer base who look for your affiliate websites through other means other than the Google search engine.

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Top 5 Affiliate Programs for New Affiliate Marketers

There are so many ways to monetize your blog or website. Affiliate marketing just happens to be one of them.

To put it quite simply, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing where you are paid a commission for acting as a sales person to other people’s products. For the most part, the amount of commission paid ranges from 5% to an upward of 70% depending on the type of goods being sold.

As an affiliate marketer, first you have to decide on the type of goods you wish to sell. Then find an affiliate site that you’ll be working with and register with them.

Your request can be rejected if the product owner finds your site unsuitable. But once the site is accepted, you’ll be provided with presales pages and affiliate links that you can link back to your site and start earning your commission almost immediately.

This article looks at 5 of the very best affiliate marketing programs that you’re free to register with and give affiliate marketing a jump:



Amazon is the largest online retailer at the time of writing this. Unlike other affiliate programs that only sell digital products, amazon sells pretty much any imaginable product you’re likely to find in the market.

Plus the site boasts one of the largest digital product sections, providing a wide variety of digital products affiliates can choose from.



Anyone can become an affiliate marketer for PayLoadz, particularly those planning to sell digital products on their sites or blogs.

Basically the affiliate network at PayLoadz consists of a vibrant community of content producers with a broad range of digital products doled out to affiliate marketers for promotion. It’s therefore easy for anyone to get accepted on the board and start earning product sales commission right away.



Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate sites widely known for specializing in electronically delivered products only.

It’s also one of the easiest sites to sign up with as an affiliate marketer, and once approved all it takes to start earning is search for the product you’re planning to sell or any general niche and link it with your site.

At the moment affiliate marketers using the program make an average of $81 per sale, from which affiliates are paid up to 65% as their commission.



Linkshare is another affiliate marketing program that webmasters and bloggers can register with and starting monetizing their online effort.

Best known for being one of the easiest companies to register with, the program is entirely made up of advertisers seeking affiliate marketers to help them promote their links. You can also choose to let the company manage your campaigns if you lack the time to do it on your own.

Bluesnap – Plimus


If you’re NOT new to affiliate marketing, then you’ve probably heard a great deal about Plimus.

This is the network to go for if your blog specializes in modern technology, particularly computers and smartphones. All you’ll be required to do is post a link that will be directing visitors to the vendor’s site on your site and let the company handle the rest.

What makes this site one of the go-to sites for affiliate marketers is the wide range of payment options affiliates can actually choose from—checks, direct deposits, wire transfers, bank deposits or payoneer prepaid mastercard.

You’re also allowed to choose the balance at which you’d want the payment to be made, so long as it’s over $35.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success

Amazon affiliate marketing is considered by many internet marketers as one of the best ways to make money online.

One reason why making money as an Amazon affiliate is preferred is that Amazon is a recognized and trusted brand. It takes little effort to promote Amazon products to most consumers. However, very few affiliates actually make money through Amazon.

The majority of new marketers often abandon their efforts to make money through Amazon after making one or more of the following mistakes.

Joining Amazon Associates before setting up the affiliate site

This is the most common mistake made by newbie marketers. They simply buy a domain name, set up a WordPress website and then join Amazon Associates. These marketers essentially skip the most important steps in building a new site; product identification, identifying target market, keyword research and content creation.


Before building your website, you must first identify the products you will promote and how to drive targeted traffic to your new site. Without these two elements, your site will never make a cent. Only after you’ve figured this out and created the site’s content should you join Amazon Associates.

The main reason for this is that Amazon Associates gives you about 180 days to bring in your first sale or they’ll kick you out.

You’ll want to focus on making your first sale within the first few weeks rather than have to worry about how to find products to promote.

Not being targeted enough

The most profitable Amazon affiliate marketing sites are niche specific. They’re focused on promoting a specific type of product to a specific market segment. There are several advantages to building a niche site as opposed to a general one.

These sites will usually contain fewer pages which means less time spent on building content.

Niche sites are also highly targeted meaning they will be easier to rank for specific industry based keywords. Ranking is a key factor to consider if you’re to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

Therefore, when building your first affiliate marketing site, try to make it as targeted as possible.

Ignoring competition

Your number one competitor will be Amazon. Very few affiliate marketers take this into account when starting their businesses and therefore choose the wrong keywords and approach ranking their websites the wrong way.

As a new site, it’s almost impossible beating Amazon in organic search results for most product keywords.

You can however rank higher in long tail keywords such as “how to use XX product” or “XX product review”. Before selecting the products to promote, consider the keywords your competitors such as Amazon rank for.

Then consider alternative keywords that target buyers might use but your established competitors don’t rank for.

Focusing too much on organic search results

Ranking in the first page of Google search results is the dream of every online marketer.

It guarantees free organic traffic. However, getting to the first page of search results might take months or even years of SEO.


SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites can take a lot of time and money

As an affiliate, you need to make a sale fast and this means driving as much targeted traffic to your site and eventually to Amazon within a short period of time. Therefore, rather than focus wholly on ranking in search results, your focus should be driving targeted traffic to your site.

You must therefore consider using different traffic generation methods such as PPC and social media marketing.

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101 Affiliate Marketing – Basic Facts You Need To Know

101 Affiliate Marketing – Basic Facts You Need To Know

It’s not only that in the recent years marketing has become an important aspect of business, it has become the essential aspect of any business. If you want for your company to flourish and prosper, not only should you be introduced to marketing, but you should also have some essential marketing skills up your sleeve in order to make your company a success someday.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, you have come to the right place. Even if you have never heard of affiliate marketing before, today you will learn the essential facts you need to know in order to be able to say that you know what affiliate marketing is, how you can use it to your company’s advantage, and when you should use it. Therefore, it’s for the best that we start from the beginning, and explain what affiliate marketing really is.

So, What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is the type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliate for each visitor or customer. In other words, affiliate marketing is an industry that consists of more than one people, all of which have is essential roles in affiliate marketing. Generally speaking, the affiliate marketing industry consists of the merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer. The business rewards one or more affiliate for each visitor, or a customer, who have been brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.


What’s The Big Deal WithAffiliate Marketing?
Perhaps you have decided to visit this page in order to learn more about affiliate marketing, upon the realizing that everyone is obsessed with it. So, what’s the big deal with affiliate marketing? Well, first I should say that affiliate marketing has grown immensely successful and complex due to the fact that affiliate marketing actually involves a lot of people. In return, eventually all these people result in creating a complex network.

Moreover, affiliate marketing has actually given positive results are numerous occasions, and usually affiliate marketing results in immense success.

Why Would Anyone Use The Affiliate Marketing Strategy?
In addition to resulting in success in more than one occasion, affiliate marketing is also interesting to marketing specialists because a significant number of secondary players are included in order to facilitate the management of marketing agencies.

In return, this strategy actually improves marketing altogether, and it makes easier for marketing specialists to stay on top of every marketing situation they may find themselves in.And

Problems In Affiliate Marketing
Also, let’s not fail to mention that even in affiliate marketing some problems are bound to appear, and that even affiliate marketing has certain downsides that you as a marketing expert should be aware of. One of the main problems is to control affiliate activities. Unscrupulous affiliate activities, such as spams, false advertising, forced clicks and other pesky things you meet so often online, are actually the main culprits for giving a bad name to affiliate marketing. Because of these unscrupulous activities, affiliate marketing has been labeled with a negative reputation, which associate affiliate programs with spamming, trademark infringement, false advertising, cookie stuffing, and other unethical methods.

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