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20 Feb

Every year, Russians are becoming more interested in refinancing mortgage loans concluded earlier. The desire to improve the conditions of its loan agreement is explained by the fall in interest rates in housing loans in the last year. Another reason is the emergence of numerous bank loans for loans, which is associated with increased competition for customers with stable solvency for long-term loans. Mortgage refinancing Rosselkhozbank – is to provide a loan on favorable terms to repay the existing housing loan. The bank was one of the first to launch a credit program, and on some points offers more loyal options for the borrower.

 A renegotiation of a housing loan can make debt repayment much easier.

The content of the article:

  • 1 How to get mortgage refinancing at the Agricultural Bank
  • 2 Who can count on refinancing
  • 3 Credit conditions
  • 4 Borrower Requirements and Required Documents
  • 5 Interest rates 2019
  • 6 Mortgage Calculator
  • 7 Servicing and paying off a mortgage
  • 8 Conclusion

How to apply for mortgage refinancing at the Agricultural Bank

How to apply for mortgage refinancing at the Agricultural Bank

Loans in RSHB has distinctive features, which favorably distinguishes it from other banks:

  • low rate (from 9.05%);
  • long loan period – up to 30 years;
  • there is no need to obtain permission to conduct refinancing from the lender who issued the mortgage;
  • Any of the redemption schemes (annuity or differentiated) can be chosen;
  • income can be confirmed by presenting a certificate in the form of the bank;
  • There are no restrictions on repayment of debt in parts or completely ahead of time;
  • attraction of up to 3 co-borrowers (there is no requirement in the obligatory relationship);
  • no registration fee;
  • There are preferential rates for certain groups of clients.

 You can fill out an application for a loan online on the official website of the bank

The procedure for transferring a mortgage from another bank to RSHB consists of several stages:

  1. study of credit conditions, a preliminary calculation on the mortgage calculator;
  2. preparation and provision of necessary documents, including housing assessment;
  3. filing an application and filling out a questionnaire;
  4. familiarization with the application, provided papers and decision making by the bank (up to 5 days);
  5. conclusion of a new contract;
  6. opening an account and crediting funds to it;
  7. execution of an application for transfer of these funds to the account of the bank that issued the previous mortgage;
  8. the transaction is registered in the State Register;
  9. transfer of mortgage housing in favor of RSHB.

 To reissue an agreement at any bank, it is required to prepare a special package of documents.

Who can count on refinancing

Who can count on refinancing

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Not every application submitted to the Agricultural Bank to refinance the mortgages of other banks may be approved. Which applicants and under what conditions can expect a positive decision:

  1. Borrowers with a “spotless” credit history without large debts. The maximum term of a debt that a lender can allow is a 1 month delay in the last 180 days. Frank bank does not welcome debtors.
  2. Mortgage agreements that have been prolonged and restructured earlier are not subject to re-crediting.
  3. For consideration for re-crediting are taken housing loans issued for a period of not more than 7 years.
  4. If there are no mortgage arrears, the borrower can submit an application no earlier than six months after the date of signing the previous agreement. If the debt was, then an application for refinancing can be submitted no earlier than 1 year after registration of the mortgage.
  5. Housing loans are accepted for consideration, for which at least 2 years are left until the final repayment.

Despite the described requirements, the bank makes an individual decision on each applicant.

Lending terms

Lending terms

Not all housing loans can be refinanced. Mortgage refinancing at the Agricultural Bank in 2019 establishes the following conditions:

  • Re-crediting is allowed for loans issued earlier for the purchase of apartments of newly built houses, from the secondary market, residential houses with a land plot or townhouses with a land plot.
  • Credit funds are issued in rubles.
  • Loan period – a maximum of 30 years.
  • The object of on-lending is issued as a pledge and is subject to compulsory insurance.

Some banks even offer a comprehensive service for reissuing credit agreements with other banks – combining several into one

  • Personal insurance of the borrower – at his request.
  • It is allowed to involve up to 3 co-borrowers (not necessarily relatives).
  • The minimum loan amount is 100 thousand rubles.
  • The maximum amount is 20 million rubles. (for Moscow) when providing an apartment as a pledge, in other cases – a maximum of 5 million rubles.

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The bank sets another condition regarding the amount of funds provided in relation to the market value of refinanced housing:

  • for apartments, townhouses with a plot – up to 80%;
  • for residential buildings with land – up to 75%.

 The conditions and requirements of the proposals of all banks are very similar, because they are governed by laws alone.

Requirements for the borrower and the necessary documents

Requirements for the borrower and the necessary documents

Any citizen can submit a loan application to RSHB if he meets the following lender’s requirements:

  • Age – from 21 to 65 years. The age limit can be increased to 75 years if co-borrowers are involved in the loan and at the time of execution the borrower of 65 years has passed more than half the loan term.
  • Be a Russian citizen with registration.
  • Work experience – at least 6 months at the current workplace and the 1st year of general experience for the last 5 years.
  • For leading small farms, you will need to provide a confirming entry from the household book on the management of small farms for at least 1 year.

Download file: Certificate of income to the bank (template) Download file: Loan application form (template)

What documents do the applicant need to refinance the mortgage in the Agricultural Bank?

At the time of application the client provides:

  1. your passport;
  2. completed application form;
  3. military ID for men up to 27 years;
  4. certificate of family composition;
  5. documents on employment (scan-copy of employment record, employment contract);
  6. certificate in the RSHB form on the financial status of the applicant.

how to revise the terms of housing loans Revision of loan agreements implies a change in both the interest rate and the debt repayment period.

In addition to the documentation about himself, the applicant provides documents on the refinanced property:

  1. certificate of state registration of ownership;
  2. extract from the Unified State Register;
  3. form number 9 (extract from the house book)
  4. report on the evaluation of the property from an independent appraiser;
  5. cadastral or registration certificate.

Additional documentation is provided on the concluded mortgage agreement:

  • agreement from the previous creditor bank;
  • statement of the amount of outstanding debt, indicating the date of conclusion and termination of the contract, interest rate, loan amount, monthly payment.

The latest certificate records the amount of accrued interest, the absence or presence of debt (with the amount of fines, penalties).

Interest rates 2019

Interest rates 2019

Interest rates on newly re-arranged mortgages are set depending on the status of the borrower. The bank divides customers into the following categories:

  • employees of budgetary organizations, military personnel, members of the Ministry of Defense;
  • payroll clients (who receive salaries through the RSHB), “reliable” borrowers (those who have a positive CI and no payment delays);
  • the rest of the applicants applying for refinancing on general terms.
Refinancing facility Rates by category,% (minimum)
Loan amount, rub. “State employees” “Payroll”, “reliable” borrowers rest
Apartment, townhouse with land up to 3 million 9.2 9.15 9.3
over 3 million 9.1 9.05 9.2
Residential building with a plot   11.5 11.45 12.0

There is an increase in the rate under certain conditions:

  • absence of borrowers – by 1%;
  • until receipt of an extract from the state register confirming the absence of encumbrance on the property – by 2%.

Mortgage Calculator

When submitting a loan application, the borrower has one goal – to reduce the monthly financial burden. The mortgage calculator will help you with this. By making preliminary calculations, you can estimate how profitable this procedure is. To use the preliminary calculation calculator to refinance mortgages at the Agricultural Bank, you need to go to its official website and open the section on mortgage loans. Next you need to fill in the columns:

  1. specify the purpose of lending (refinancing);
  2. amount and desired time period;
  3. own income;
  4. select the option of repayment – differentiated or annuity payments;
  5. additionally indicate your status as a borrower.

The presented calculation is for informational purposes only: more accurate amounts will be announced when visiting the bank.

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Mortgage servicing and repayment

Mortgage servicing and repayment

RSHB is one of the few banks that provide clients with an independent choice of a scheme for repaying a debt of a refinanced mortgage. If the client stops on the annuity scheme, then he will pay the same amount every month. Now this is the most popular scheme among lenders because it is more profitable for banks. Rosselkhozbank has the opportunity to repay the loaned housing loan on a differentiated basis. This means that by the end of the term the monthly payment amount is gradually decreasing.

how to get mortgage refinancing in Russian agricultural Bank Mortgage refinancing in Rosselkhozbank in 2019 occurs without payment of fees for registration

An additional fee is not charged when repaying a loan through an RSHB ATM, its cash desks or through a bank transfer from the borrower’s account.

The loyal attitude of the creditor is concluded and the possibility of early repayment of the debt in part or in full without the use of penalties. To do this, it is enough to write a statement (a sample of the form is available on the RSHB website).



Participation in the on-lending program allows individuals to improve the credit conditions for a completed housing loan. This could be an extension of the loan term, a reduction in interest rates, or the choice of another debt repayment scheme. To preliminarily see how profitable the proposal to refinance mortgages at the Agricultural Bank, the client can calculate the amount of future payments on the calculator. The bank has prepared the most optimal conditions for certain categories of citizens, which distinguishes RSHB from other banking institutions. 14-03-2019